How does your dream life look like?


How does your dream life look like? What makes you happy? What do you want from this life?

This blog, Happy Sweet Living, is all about good living and happy life. Feeling amazing and fulfilling your dreams. Your dream life does not have to be just a dream, you can make it your reality!

This blog is dedicated to how to make and manage your life to make it the best ever. The main subjects are money making, productivity, self-improvement, dream mapping and everything else about good life.

About me

Nice to meet you! My name is Nora. I am originally from Finland, but life took me to Tokyo, Japan, where I currently live with my husband. After studying business and information technology at my university, I worked various corporate jobs from retail visual merchandising to IT customer service, but nothing really fulfilled my desires or paid well, and most importantly, they did not make me happy. Getting tired of working for other people and their dreams, I made the decision to go fully independent and started working for my own dreams and my dream life.

Why a money making blog?

Most of us have a certain image of our ideal life, but feel like achieving that is hard. The reason often is “money”. They say money can’t buy happiness, but it sure makes life much easier and sweeter. My philosophy is that money is the best tool to design your life. I am going to share my best advice and tricks to make that income to flow to you easily to enjoy other things in life.

I strongly believe, that you can decide how you want your life to be and achieve your dream life, so don’t wait any further! Let achieve that happy sweet living together!


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